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Equine Team Building

20-25 people
11-20 people
1-10 people

Grounded, interactive activities involving horses.


Why use Horses?

  • Insights generate change. Horses provide instant, honest, accurate feedback moment by moment to how we are being around them – to our energy and behavior. Horses do not role play. If you want a horse to co-operate and follow, you must demonstrate real leadership.

Why Hawaii Equine-Assisted Services?

  • We are specialists in the delivery of equine-facilitated programs for corporate and family leadership, communication and team development. During an H.E.A.S. workshop, clients translate knowledge into effective action through innovative, powerful and memorable interactions with horses. The Activities are fun, engaging, and insightful for participants. We have a variety of activities that deal with specific demographics, such as couples, families, sports teams, at risk- youth

Corporate Management & Leadership

  • Building Organizational Trust
  • Problem Solving
  • Creative Thinking
  • Communication Skills- listening
  • Non-Verbal/verbal communication skills
  • Team Member Roles & Responsibilities
  • Identify & Attain Personal Goals
  • Team Member Effectiveness
  • Working With Different Personalities
  • Goal Setting: Identify & Attain Team Goals
  • How Personal & Team Goals Mesh
  • Confidence Building and Overcome Fears
  • Family bonding and growth.

60 minutes